September 21, 2023

Students responsible for CEU success

This archived article was written by: Jeff Spears

The 2003-04 school year officially started at the College of Eastern Utah last week. Sophomores and freshman alike are frantically trying to establish majors while embarking on the ever-pressing task of being remembered by their peers. This seems to be one of the highest priorities of students at CEU. This is due to the pressure from social views of the ideal college experience. Doing things such as hitting the game winning home run, running for ASCEU or establishing a popular club (A.J. room 209) profiles the opportunities given to students to shine amongst the rest. The reality is that everyone is trying to make CEU a better college, while providing a social platform to launch their dreams and identities. There are plenty of opportunities at this college to define your own talents and to establish your niche away from home. The challenge is actually getting involved and making the most out of your friends and programs.
Student government, better known as ASCEU, seems to be one of my favorite departments for including students in the mainstream college way of life. The leaders are themselves students, and know what it is like to come to college for the first time. They know the students by name and realize that their programming is vital to the success of college. Each play a important role in establishing events such as mud volleyball, the root beer social and movie night on the football field. I am anxious to follow their programming this year to reaffirm their necessity in having a well-rounded campus community.
Sports are the bread and butter of the College of Eastern Utah. Being a former debater, I have to admit that I never attended the games my freshman year, but coming back I realized college wouldn’t be the same without someone to cheer for. Every Friday you can catch volleyball, basketball or a daytime baseball game on campus. This seems to be the trend at the college, to engage in approving athletes for their own abilities as competitors, but to have a social function as friends. I know that all of Aaron Jones would be at the BDAC every Friday night when the Eagles were in action and stay far after the games. This was the social place to be when there was a game in Price and the majority of the students took advantage of this opportunity.
The whole college experience would not be complete with the existence of new friends. I know that my entire apartment strives to produce an environment of learning and friendship at the same time.
That is one way to get out of the dorm room. People ought to realize that you have friends living right next door to you and saying “hi” would not kill you. Friends make the social events, not the other way around. The events would cease to exist without the majority of the student body attending them. CEU students need to support the school functions or this year will prove to be only average.
Take it from a returning student that these are the best days of your life and it is critical that you make the most of this school year. The most rewarding feeling is to get involved and make new friends that will transcend far beyond college. I know I have made some of my best friends in the past two years and even met a wonderful girl. The way you spend these next two years will mold you into the person you will ultimately become. You can either be a hermit, sitting in your dorm room, or take your life into your own hands and contend to be a social butterfly.

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