September 21, 2023

Finalists of the “Hottest Jock” contest

This archived article was written by: Jeremy Jones

The masses have spoken. (Okay, so there were only fifteen of you) but nevertheless, here are the finalists of CEU’s first ever “Hottest Jock” contest.
Coming in first place in the preliminary vote for the guys was Dave Larson. He is a yell leader here at CEU.
Coming in second for the guys was McKay Bybee. He plays second base on the CEU baseball team.
Emilee Madsen and Veva Whitear tied for first place for the girls. Madsen is the starting setter for the Eagles’ volleyball team. Whitear plays for the girl’s basketball team.
Just like last time, drop me an e-mail to submit your vote. My e-mail address is still conveniently located just below my name in the by-line, but in case you missed it, it’s [email protected].
The final results will be published in the next edition of The Eagle. In order to get everything done in time, all votes must be received by Monday, October 20.
So, it’s time to cast your vote one last time. Will it be Dave or McKay? Emilee or Viva? You tell me who you think is the “Hottest Jock.”

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