June 14, 2024

Madsen’s former teammate joins coaching staff

This archived article was written by: Josh Luke

CEU has a new assistant baseball coach. John Ellswood is CEU’s new pitching coach, head coach Scott Madsen’s former teammate. They played together in the1998-99 season.
Ellswood is 25 years old and was born and raised in West Valley, Utah. He spent two year at CEU and two years at William Penn University. After those two years he played one year of semi-pro ball in Des Moines, Iowa. He also earned his bachelor’s degree there in sports administration and business management.
The first year CEU coach said he has also coached in the past in a couple of different places. He coached for the Cyprus American Legion team for two years and at William Penn University for one year.
He said , “The team looks good, but they still have a lot to learn because it is a young team. Since it is such a young team, they should just continue to get better and better.”
Ellswood said that the team had played well in all of their games but one. When asked how well the team is doing so far, he said that it was hard to say because they are playing fall ball right now.
Ellswood has other responsibilities at CEU. He is an RA at the Burtnshaw dorm and he also teaches a couple of classes including beginning weights and sports officiating.