September 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor: True Eagle article was a funny piece of writing

I’m a first year student down here at CEU, and I think that the paper with the article “True Eagle night and the shattered lives left behind” was the first school paper I ever grabbed. The headline of this particular article caught my attention, so I read it. It was one of the funniest pieces of writing I’ve ever seen! I particularly enjoyed the section speaking about the ” … Larry Flynt-esque soft-core-porn party” and the section regarding how ” … it lacks any morally redeeming value that could benefit the students.” The whole article made me laugh hysterically.. I wondered what in fact True Eagle night was. After getting the response of “I don’t attend that function” from my local R.A., I asked around and found out what it truly is. Under most circumstances, I probably would attend such an activity. Mostly just to see what happens and to meet more people (ya can never meet too many people in a small school). After this article, I’m absolutely positive that I’ll be attending an event that’ll make me a “..Vegas street dweller, forced to lead a life of sleeping in trashy hotels and selling ourselves to support an illicit drug habit.”
–Gus Toulatos

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