May 25, 2024

Letter to the Editor: True Eagle backlash

In regards to the Oct. 9 article “True Eagle Night and the Shattered Lives Left Behind” I am repulsed by the over-dramatic whining, the lack of knowledge and the portrayal of false ideas.
First of all, the writers refer to this “activity” as being sponsored by ASCEU. The problem with this is that the writers did not research what ASCEU actually is. ASCEU stands for “Associated Students of the College of Eastern Utah”. ASCEU is the entire student body. The irony of this is that these writers, who are disgusted by ASCEU, are only disgusted by themselves. They are ASCEU.
The writers mention (paragraph 4) that this is “considered as the second most destructive school sanctioned activity.” Says who? There is no evidence to support this “consideration.” It is the opinion of these two staff writers. No research was used in the article. It seems to me that Jeff Spears and Erik Falor sat in the newspaper lab moments before the paper went to press trying to meet their deadline. This article is an example of bad journalism. The writers plead for CEU students to focus more on “advocating responsible and productive behavior”. Instead of being responsible and productive, these writers procrastinated until the last possible moment to fulfill their duties. This is probably due to indulging in a “Larry Flint-esque soft core-porn party (paragraph 6).
Another misconception in this article occurs in paragraph 8. In order to become a “True Eagle” two people must kiss at Gibby under a full moon. It is not a requirement to engage in “uninhibited tongue gymnastics”. In fact, peck kissing (no tongue!) is encouraged. Many other colleges and universities have similar events. USU, for example, has “True Aggies”. I do not believe that the students of USU are walking around campus “distracted by lascivious thoughts (paragraph 9)”. It sounds like these two writers have some hormonal issues of their own to resolve. I hear a cold shower helps!
True Eagle night was not designed to “confuse us and turn us into Vegas street dwellers forced to lead a life of sleeping in trashy hotels and selling ourselves to support an illicit drug habit (paragraph 2)”. I challenge these writers to find one prostitute who started her life of whoredoms and drug abuse due to a single kiss atop a rock or a school symbol. True Eagle night was designed for a fun, safe way to give students school pride. I would also like to challenge these two writers to find a student at CEU or CEU alumni who contracted “mono” or “spent the rest of the semester lethargic and lonely” due to an innocent peck kiss on True Eagle night.
The Article “True Eagle Night and the Shattered Lives left behind” was intended to turn something neat into a “shameful display of unbridled lust and deteriorating standards.” They took advantage of their power as members of the newspaper staff and turned what could have been a successful school event and made it into a sleazy escapade. Because of their article, three students showed up to this fun event. What has been proven is that these writers have no self respect or respect for their school and fellow students. They tried to make the leaders of CEU (ASCEU leadership) look bad and shallow. Instead, they themselves have become an embarrassment to CEU and the newspaper.
–Megan MacKay