June 20, 2024

And finally, here are the winners


This archived article was written by: Jeremy Jones

I’m sure that you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats for this article, especially since so many of you were so eager to participate and cast your vote.
But, the wait is over.
In a race that ended up being even closer than the presidential election in Florida, we finally came up with the winners of the “Hottest Jock” contest.
Dave Larsen edged out McKay Bybee by only one vote to claim the crown of “Hottest Jock” for the guys.
Larsen is a yell leader on CEU’s cheer squad and is also a resident of Sessions Hall.
Larsen originally resided in Ferron, Utah. If you don’t know where that is, ask him because I don’t know either.
He is a sophomore and is majoring in engineering design and drafting technology.
After his time at the College of Eastern Utah, he plans on working. He has never been married and is still currently single.
Larsen’s ideal first date would be to go bowling and then take a long, romantic walk in the park underneath a full moon.
To all you ladies out there, Larson still does not have a date to the Fall Ball, so be prepared.
Emilee Madsen was able to gather enough votes over Veva Whitear to win the title of “Hottest Jock” for the women. Madsen plays on the CEU volleyball team.
She is originally from Bountiful, Utah, but now is an RA in Burtenshaw, where she resides.
Madsen is also a sophomore and is planning on going into nursing, but since she’s on the volleyball team now, she’s not currently in the nursing program.
After she graduates, Madsen hopes to be able to continue playing volleyball at the university level.
If she isn’t able to continue on with volleyball, Madsen wants to attend the University of Utah and get into the nursing program there.
Like Larsen, Madsen has never been married, but does have a boyfriend. The catch there is that he lives in Oregon.
When asked about her ideal first date, Madsen said she had never been on a good first date, so she didn’t know what to say.
She did say that she definitely did not want to go to a movie because you can’t talk and get to know each other.
And, finally, Madsen said that she does not have a date to Fall Ball, either, so guys, you know what to do. See, it pays to read the paper.
The Eagle would like to thank both Madsen and Larson for participating as well as all of the students who voted in the first ever “Hottest Jock” contest.