May 20, 2024

Uproar over uprooted trees

This archived article was written by: Andrew Stilson

The landscaping at the Computer Business Building rear parking lot has upset many of students, faculty and staff. Why are the trees and grass being taken out of the parking lot? Some say that they are doing this because it makes it easier for snow removal. What snow? Price really doesn’t know what snow is most years.
“They may have projects they can use those trees for, and they just don’t think. With the old Main Building going down, why not wait and put the trees from the CBB parking lot where they tear down the old building,” asks Vicky Mortensen a local resident of Price and a CEU student.
“There are a lot of dead trees around campus where they could have put the trees they dug up and transplanted somewhere else where they are needed. They could have used the grass to patch where there are dead spots on campus. It’s just way stupid,” she said.
“I guess we’ll just have to see how it works. In some ways if we had freezing temperatures like it happens sometimes, I’d like it to be able to drain and be kind of flat so it will drain off and you’re not slipping and sliding. This is one benefit of them doing this,” she added.
“Another benefit of why they are doing this, I think itwill be nicer if it does happen to snow, because it will be faster drainage,” she said.
“My problem is anytime they take out trees it hurts the environment. We need more green space and the trees to cool the asphalt,” said Lavoy Mortensen also a local citizen of Price and a CEU student.
You wouldn’t believe how many people see one thing and don’t see where they could alter something else, Vicky said.
I don’t think it’s right because we need trees for shade during the hot summer. We need trees to help cool the area during the summer as well, Lavoy said.
“Well, I don’t think it was right for CEU to remove the trees just to have a half a dozen more parking spaces. I don’t see snow removal really was the problem because very seldom do we ever have enough snow to make it a problem. Removing the trees with global warming isn’t what we need. We need to replace the ones that are bad. There is some that are dead here or almost dead that need some major help or just need to be trimmed to give them the chance to grow. I really don’t understand it,” Vicky said.
“To take out green spaces id wrong when we really need more green spaces to cool the hot asphalt. Asphalt is one of the hottest surfaces you can get and trees and grass help cool down the surface. I am upset over it. Upset over the fact that they took it out. At least ask students if they would be willing to up their student fees a dollar or two to take care of the extra cost for snow removal just to keep the trees so we would have the shade when the weather gets warm,” Lavoy said.
“They didn’t even explore the option to have a local citizen remove the snow for a next to nothing price, most local people may remove it just for a little gas money or may do it just to help out the college,” Vicky said.
“I think the administration really needs to pay a little more attention to the students and faculty and ask them for their input on stuff. Apparently no one knew that this was going to happen,” Lavoy said.