June 17, 2024

Just a note to a special young woman

This archived article was written by: Robert Morton

It is funny how life goes. I have an article due in a few days and I just seem to toss and turn. I have been sitting around thinking about what I could write, and my mind keeps coming up blank.
I always have a thousand things I want to say but wonder how much of it is important or how much of it do you really want to hear.
I came up with an idea tonight that left me rolling on the floor. But, will it do the same for you? I wonder. What I did was sit around for the better part of the night diligently drawing cartoons; trying to express the feelings I have for a certain female that I share a class with here on campus.
I find that I really like this young woman, but she does not even seem to know it. Oh sure, she has an idea, but she has no idea how much.
You see, she sits just in front of me in one of my classes with her long beautiful blonde hair flowing onto my desk which leaves me quietly chewing my nails behind her. She drives me crazy.
Oh sure, I asked her out, but wouldn’t you know it. Like I have said before, all the good young women are either taken or married. I want one of my own. I don’t want one just for the night or a roll in the hay. A dance on the floor would do wonders but, still, I want her all to my own.
I’ve been to the Amazon, and I’ve been to the mall. I’ve been to Hollywood, I’ve been to the ball. I’ve walked the wild streets of San Francisco; those bills are all paid. I play bluegrass cello and one hell of a horn; I’ve been to Kansas and smoked a little hay.
I’ve been to Montana and camped in the pines, and I’ve been to the desert and blown a few mines. I’ve fished for the wild ones in Florida, and rode a few waves.
I’m a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru. I’ve wooed many women with my sensuous ways. And in my time I’ve had a few thrills, but I’ve never been out with this young woman, but now, maybe its time.