June 13, 2024

The crisis of education

This archived article was written by: Jeff Spears

The cost to attend college has been on an upward trend for the past couple of years. This definitely allows for a competitive disadvantage for the students within Utah and other states in our nation. We need to find other ways to fund our school and allocate our funds appropriately to make it in the college scene. The College of Eastern Utah is a perfect example of the lack of funding in higher education, while trying to operate a functional college. This is a huge responsibility and must be addressed with specific resolutions.
The truth is that the state legislature allocates more funding to the department of transportation than it does to the department of education. Why, might you ask? The State of Utah seems to value transportation more than education and it has been a demanding issue for the entire state. We were in need of roads, highways and transit systems, yet we can’t fund the education of our young people. This is a perfect example of the mixed up priorities of the state and continues to the mass public. We need to establish more important issues and allow for schooling to be affordable to those who want the chance to learn.
I am also baffled by the notion of paying millions of dollars to a basketball player who beats his wife and can barely read to play a game while our teachers are extremely underpaid. They are the ones who allow for our education. They are the ones who care about our future. They are the ones who display concerns for our success. We need to have a higher value and appreciation for the individuals that mold and shape our minds. The state institutions must realize that each teacher is vital to the function of the college. They each contain key knowledge of a certain field and can aid students in pursuing their own potential. Teachers should get a pay increase to 1) actively display our appreciation for their duties and responsibilities and 2) attract new potential teachers. Let’s face it: no one wants to work for free.
The College of Eastern Utah is a college trying to survive in an economic crisis caused by money that is withheld from colleges statewide. CEU is forced to conglomerate classes to teachers that have a huge work load. CEU is forced to use college students to teach their recreational classes and grossly underpay them for their work. The college has even gutted entire departments to try and relieve their financial burdens. CEU has given certain people the responsibility to oversee multiple programs which are failing drastically. Then we wonder why our enrollment is down. We have disbanded some departments and the students are expected to live in insufficient housing, while trying to stay healthy with the cafeteria food. This doesn’t seem like a college that I would like to come to and invest my money and time. If we can’t accommodate personal wants and desires as far as college experiences, then it is difficult to increase enrollment.