April 20, 2024

Outstanding students will be honored at banquet

Thirty-three students will be honored at the annual CEU student academic awards banquet set for April 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. In addition, students will receive honor cords and ASCEU’s 2004-2005 student body officers will be sworn in.
Jed Lloyd and Emily Hall are the outstanding accounting students; with Lyndsay Reid the outstanding visual art student; Christopher White, biology; Melvin Warren, Bonnie Nichols Stick-to-it-Award; Kenneth Bills, business; Rashelle Steadman, general chemistry; Adam Hebdon, organic chemistry; Jason Bogenschutz and Micah Iverson, communications; Phillip Christensen, computer science; Michelle Carter and Sheena McKeachnie, cosmetology; Willie Draughon and Aloha Flores, criminal justice; Rachel Jenson, sophomore dance; Megan Sonntag and Angela Curtis, freshmen dance; Mitch Behling, electronics; and J. Garrett Barton engineering.
Christine Olsen is the outstanding English student; Sarah Gibson Spears, geology; Conner Houghton, history; Gypsie Delgado, journalism; Janelle Bruno, mathematics; Shauna Bryner, LPN nursing; Norman Ewell, RN nursing; Anna Maria Jensen, instrumental music; Chris Kiahtipes, philosophy; Phillip Chrstensen, physics; Ryan Chidester and Michael Kirkpatrick, sociology; and Angela Kay Roundy, theatre.