April 20, 2024

Volunteers needed at the CEU Prehistoric Museum

If you are interested in Native Americans, archaeology, paleontology, geology, the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum is offering a great chance to pursue one of these options. The museum needs volunteers to help run various programs including education, gift shop, paleontology, archaeology, cataloguing artifacts and fossil remains and visitor information for the summer season.
Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas, such as: Information requests, art room volunteer, security monitors, public relations, translation services, photographer, library aid, newsletter assistant, docents, museum shop assistant, morning receptionist, computer data entry aide and weekend volunteer supervisor.
They are also offering long-term commitments to volunteer for the museum. Long-term volunteers for these jobs would need to commit to a year of service and become a member of either Utah Friends Of Paleontology (UFOP) or Utah State Archaeology Society (USAS), due to the length of training required. These opportunities are very important and exciting for amateurs.
Other long term commitment positions are bone lab curator and archaeology lab technicians. They both require a commitment and training. The fee for individual membership is $15.00 and $20.00 for family membership.
For more information contact Richard Owens at 613-5757/5060. Or by e-mail at [email protected].