July 22, 2024

“We know we can”

The Castle Valley Center’s Clean Crew established a good relationship with staff, faculty and students at the College of Eastern Utah. “One of the main goals with the adult program of Castle Valley Center is to provide the adult, and the privileges to serve others through their works,” Richard Bissell, supervisor stated.
The cleaning crew started to work at the college at the beginning of the semester. “As I watch them clean the eating area in the cafeteria, they wash the floor twice and clean the tables really well,” said Romer Ferrer.
Annette Ryan, head baker in CEU’s cafeteria stated, “The Castle Valley Center Cleaning Crew do a better job cleaning the cafeteria than compared to the student that work here, they never complain about the tasks they are asked to do or the work. They just loved what they are doing.” I have never seen people who have loved to clean the cafeteria.
“These people go on the extra mile as they clean they really make sure that there job is completed,” Donna Alexander, head cook, stated.
“This wonderful people is a great addition and excellent to are staff,” Ryan said.
This cleaning crew is proud to be part of CEU.