June 17, 2024

ASCEU’s goals for the 2004-05 year


Dan Wood
This year is bound to be one of the best in CEU history. By combining learning from our past and our excitement for the future, we will see wonderful things come about that will leave a lasting impact on the campus and community.
We plan on making the campus as accessible as possible to all of the community and encourage their involvement. While the accessibility is currently hindered by construction, we are confident the developments will compensate for the inconvenience.
We also plan on making ourselves more visible to the community. We plan on doing this through enhanced communication and placing ourselves in the public eye. For example we will be returning the CEU sign on top of the hill. We plan to re-ignite past pride in the college, enhance the experience of all those who attend, and ensure development.. It is my responsibility to find the issues that concern the student body and facilitate change both on the local and state level. One of the greatest things that will be happening this year is our office hours will be spent in full accessibility to the student body in the Student Center booth. We hope that all of the students, faculty and administration feel comfortable in approaching us about any problems, concerns or suggestions.

Brett Coombs
Vice-President of Academics
Ralph Waldo Emerson once quipped, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” I love this quote because I believe in the inexpressible power of the human mind! We, as AS-CEU Leadership, are committed to that decree and are confident that this year is going to be incredible.
We have some great plans to improve both campus visibility and each student’s academic experience. We plan on holding monthly forums with the administration and the students to help combine both groups for the good of the campus. We will be staging a massive voter registration and voter awareness drive for the school year. And, we will be building our academic repertoire. We have worked with the administration to open up the computer center in the Reeves Building for everyone on campus, and we plan to do much more.
We are excited to see the spirit of our school grow! Have a fantastic year and please give us a chance to serve you!

Jill Schaugaard
Executive Assistant
I want to help the members of ASCEU stay organized and keep up on their duties as the leaders of our school. I want to serve the students of CEU and give them the kind of school they want to attend. It is our school and should be run the way we want it to be. I want to give students a good environment where they can be themselves and I will do anything in my power to keep it that way.

Wendy Bjarnson
Vice-President of Activities
School activities help bring students, faculty, and the community together. This year we are having a variety of fun, growing experiences, and hope that everyone comes out for a little excitement.

Gypsie Delgado
Vice-President of
Inter-Club Council
There are a lot of clubs on our campus that cover many different fun things to do! Come out and get involved and have some fun! If you would like to join a club or start your own come visit me at the ASCEU booth located downstairs in the JLSC.
There are some clubs who don’t have a president, so if you would like to be a club leader just let me know.
If you have any new ideas, questions or comments please let me know at [email protected]. I’m looking forward to having fun with you!

Jason Burrows
Vice-President of Finance
Hi! I am the money guy. If I don’t do my job then none of us know what is going on. It is quite exciting. This year is going to be the best! We have so many things to make CEU a more enjoyable place for all. I promise everyone that things on my end will run smoothly, that way we can all have fun!

Heather Higham
Student Advocate
As the student advocate I am responsible for the Judiciary Committee. We meet as is needed to resolve problems that are taking place on campus concerning the students.
I am also responsible for voting and voter registration. Remember the presidential elections are this November and you must be registered to vote!
Please keep an eye out for the many opportunities you will have to register on campus and then come out and vote.

Lyle Ahlstrom
Residential Life Chair
I plan to make living in the dorms more fun and have a better relationship with the people living there. I hope to have dorm activities and make the year more enjoyable for all. I’m going to try and improve the meal card situation and have new dorm signs put up for all to see!
If anyone has any questions just contact me through ASCEU or call my cell at 1-435-840-0517 or 613-5951.

Ven Yiup Lima Zhong
Multi-Cultural Chair
I like CEU and enjoy the small college, for me it has become my second home.
My goal for this year, is to create a good working relationship with all faculty and students. One of the ideas is to make it easier for the international students to acquaint themselves with each other.
All students are welcome to see me for anything I can assist them with.

Carlie Golden
Public Relations Chair
I am excited to be back this year, I love this CEU and Price. I am Public Relations Chair. I am your connection between the community and CEU.
I am here for you so let me know what you want to see done around the college! You can contact me at 613-5944, or Aaron Jones #21.
As a part of my position I take pictures at all of the activities and events so when you see me don’t forget to smile! It is going to be an awesome year!

Heidi Hunsaker
Inter-Club Council
Publicity Chair
Hello, CEU, this is Heidi Hunsaker. I am the Publicity Chair for Inter-Club-Counsel for the school year 2004-2005.
This year promises to be one of the best yet, and you are a part of it! I will post activities and club publicities all over campus, as well as placing notices in mail boxes. Keep your eyes open and see when the activities are happening so you can take part in CEU’s 2004-2005 legacy!
Enjoy the school year and if you have any comments, questions, remarks or requests, please contact me at [email protected] or at my “home” in Sessions dormitory!

T.J. Ploster
Recreational Chair
The problem with living in a small town is not that there is nothing to do, but that no one really wants to find things to do. In a larger city, lives are busy and an array of activities are not that hard to come by. This area has loads of activities available and we need to take advantage of its four seasons.
As Recreational Chair, my goal is to help diverse individuals in finding things to do. We need to mix academics and fun. You stay in school and leave the fun to me.

Audra Enloe
Publicity Chair
My plan for this year is to make sure that all activities are well advertised using techniques that will catch the attention of as many students as possible.
I am hoping that through the efforts of my assistant, the publicity committee, and myself, people will become excited about campus events and have a greater desire to get involved.

Janelle Bates
Publicity Assistant Chair
I’m Janelle Bates and my title on ASCEU is Publicity Assistant. I will be assisting the publicity chair by exciting the students about the activities.
My job is to get everyone to come and have fun. We are going to be doing a lot more that just posters. The publicity chair (Audra) and I have huge plans for publicity this year, so everyone get ready for a fun year!

Kim White
Entertainment Chair
It’s me, Kim. I am entertainment chair this year. I am so excited for all the upcoming events. With my position this year I plan to create a fun safe environment for students to enjoy. I am expecting to have awesome activities.
I want to also switch things up a bit and have lots of new activities that have never been done. I hope to have great turn outs and lots of participation.
If anyone has ideas just come talk to me. I am open to any new ideas. This year is going to be the best!!! ASCEU IS #1!

RiKelle Deaton
Special Events Chair
This year I hope to get lots of new and exciting ideas and involve lots of students. We should have some awesome dances and stomps! It’ll be a blast!

Sarah Jorgensen
Non-Traditional Activities
Hello CEU! My plans for this 2004-2005 school year are to make the multi-cultural and non-traditional students on campus feel more comfortable. I plan to have a multi-cultural activity once a semester.
I do not have any ideas for this semester yet but, next semester I want to have a Chinese New Year.
Please e-mail me with your ideas for activities and your comments. I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is [email protected].
For the non-traditional students, I want to make sure that you have activities that they enjoy. I am going to be putting together a committee and would like some of the non-trad students to serve on this committee.
I hope to be able to make this year a memorable one. Please come to the club rush this week and sign up to be on my committee.
If you cannot make it to the club rush then e-mail me! I would love to hear from you!

Bryce Okland
Intramurals Chair
This year in Intramurals, I would like to have more students participate in the activities. Intramurals will also try and help the soccer club this year as much as possible.
If you have any questions or suggestions, stop by the booth or call me at 1-801-910-9352.