July 23, 2024

Campus police arrest student in AJ dorms

The first weekend of fall semester found four College of Eastern Utah students with possible arrest for having and consuming alcohol in a dorm room.
According to James Prettyman of CEU Campus Police, a 22-year-old male student was arrested for violating Utah code 76-9-701: intoxication.
Prettyman said he was called by a resident’s assistant (RA) to AJ Dorm at 2 a.m. on Friday, Augusts 20 for suspicion of alcohol in a room. After meeting with the RA, he met the suspect at the dorm room where he saw several open containers of alcohol. While Prettyman gathered evidence, the 22-year-old-male suspect ran from the scene. The suspect returned later and was immediately arrested for fleeing the scene.
The RA reported more than one individual drinking, so Prettyman is looking for another male and two females, possibly underage, who may have been in the room drinking alcohol with the 22-year-old. He confiscated 14 empty bottles of beer and a fifth of vodka.
Prettyman stresses that CEU students need to read CEU’s drug and alcohol policy available on CEU’s home page or in the general catalog. If students need counseling about drugs and alcohol, a new intervention program was instated last summer through a grant awarded to the college. For more information contact DeeDee Howa at 613.5326.