April 13, 2024

The philsophy behind changing from a comm to psych major

This archived article was written by: LaWayne Snow

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce myself. My name is LaWayne Snow, and I’m from Ferron, Utah. And yes, all you liberals who might be reading this, I’m a conservative republican.
Conservative corner! you say. Yes folks, in this column I hope to offer another place for republicans or conservatives to come and find peace in this wonderful, but almost out-of- control nation. Please know that I am an amateur in this modern day media and ready to take on this new venture. I will cover the latest in politics and pop culture as I hear, study and research it and, of course, I will document how I feel about it. I warn that reading what I write may cause severe mental ailments, which while I hope they wouldn’t, it simply cannot be avoided. Anger, disgust, frustration and perhaps pure fury will occur in many of you, primarily all you liberal democrats. Anything you read after this is your resposibility.
Conservatives and republicans, I will do my best to do my duty for you and all of us. I know who will respond to my articles. It’s almost always true that those who hate what you’re writing will respond, which I look forward to. I also urge those who agree or who might have a better thought to respond.
My heroes come in many different professions or choices of life-style. In the political review and media field, Rush Limbaugh tops my list along with Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, and many others. And yes I’m a big fan of Dr. Laura. I am going to school to be a psychotherapist, and will reference Dr. Laura a lot. I know a lot of you dislike these people, but I tell you that there are many who enjoy and believe in what these people are about. Yes, some people can’t handle opposing opinions and their defensiveness proves it. These people have spent years in the media and have wisdom that I haven’t. They are professionals and I know that their plan is to better our nation.
Over four years ago I attended CEU as a communications major and was on the news staff as a feature writer. Back then I had a much different view on politics, faith and life. I was a sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll kind of guy who thought that Karl Marx had a good idea. Yes, my friends I’m an ex believer in communism. Now that’s a strong word to use so I always considered myself a democrat so people didn’t think I was crazy. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t associate the two, but liberals might be a close call. I have since cleaned up and became active in the LDS religion. I also got married. In short I started to think and act rationally and ditched my irrational beliefs that everyone is equal socially, economically and politically. I stopped believing that the government should have to pick up the slack of those who refuse to work hard to improve their life and blame it on social and economic suppression. But I do believe it should help those people who help themselves. I hope to help society now as opposed to being destructive to it. This is why I have now chosen to be a psychology major. To this I say press forward and onward for a better nation.

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    So Limbaugh is his hero? I guess he didn’t give up on the drugs, sex and rock-and-roll lifestyle… mostly the drugs. Medved is tolerable because he actually backs up his arguments, despite the fact that he is wrong. And Hannity is a dumb-ass. The man can’t actually refute anything anyone says to debate his arguments… moving on. So has becoming active LDS person made him a better person? Does that make me a bad person if I am not. I’m not married; does that make me a bad person? He ‘ditched [his] irrational beliefs that everyone is equal socially, economically and politically’. That’s sad. I thought this country was founded on something about all men being created equal. I thought that meant that my vote counted too (just not in presidential elections in Utah). I thought that meant that I have the same economic and social responsibilities and possibilities as the next guy. In short… what the hell are you saying? I can’t believe the editor even let him run this mindless dribble. Embarrassing!

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