July 14, 2024

Bush, 4 more years!

This archived article was written by: LeWayne Snow

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Conservative Corner. I am your friendly radical right winger. My first column was devoted to informative “stuff”. Now is when we get down and dirty, by discussing the issues. I will be discussing the biggest event of last week, the Republican National Convention. I think we need Bush for four more years.
Let me begin by commending the convention for the great success they had. The GOP mopped the floor with a mop that looked similar to the great head of hair on the other nominee. We saw a bounce in the poles that we didn’t see with the Democratic National Convention.
The republicans did what the democrats could not. If you ask me, they picked the wrong guy, well for them anyway, he is the right guy for us. They couldn’t have picked a better roster of speakers. Zell Miller is a man of nobility; he’s the old John F. Kennedy-style democrat. This guy nailed Sen. John Kerry to the wall simply by bringing out his senate record. And Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a speech that helped put these “girly-men” cry babies in their spot. I hope you were able to hear President Bush’s speech.
I wasn’t, but I read it and I thought how great this man is. He has laid out his plan and informed us of that plan, unlike his opponent who only tells what he thinks the Bush administration hasn’t done.
“In the heart of this great city, we saw tragedy arrive on a quiet morning. We saw the bravery of rescuers grow with danger. We learned of passengers on a doomed plane who died with a courage that frightened their killers.
We have seen a shaken economy rise to its feet. And we have seen Americans in uniform storming mountain strongholds, and charging through sandstorms and liberating millions, with acts of valor that would make the men of Normandy proud,” said Bush in the beginning of his speech.
If this doesn’t make you feel proud to be an American, then it’s obvious that all you care about is yourself and not others who don’t have freedom.
Bush went headstrong without faltering in his mission to provide a safe and secure nation, with the freedom to invest in our future without the government intervening, but promoting self success.
He also has gone forward in bringing this freedom to all nations. He has brought this for two nations already. He has also in his actions brought another dangerous nation to submit to America by admitting its nuclear capabilities and turning over their nuclear weapons to us, which we now safely store in our control.
Compare our economy of today to that of President Bill Clinton’s in the mid ’90s and you might see that President Bush has not ruined our economy.
The media and all these liberal politicians have tried to paint a picture of President Bush’s approach on education as horribly wrong and that it is going to ruin our schools.
If you ask me, that’s the point; teachers need to be held accountable for what they do, how they teach, and the level they teach. Yes folks,like some of my old teachers who gave us an assignment then played games on their computer. They are responsible to raise the bar because they are on the spot.
Don’t misunderstand, I have had good teachers that have helped me greatly. Bush has done all this through criticism and high pressure without changing course, unlike Sen. Kerry who will take the position of those who he is talking to at that moment.
As for Kerry’s military resolve, we still haven’t got any idea of what it is because it has been filled with lies and reinvented stories that change over and over. Bush for four more years? It only makes sense. To this I say forward and onward to a greater nation.