July 21, 2024

CEU cosmetology student places second in national VICA competition

This archived article was written by: Kimberlee Ritchie

The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America national competitions are known to be tough. In order to enter nationals, you have to win first place in the state. College of Eastern Utah has always done well in VICA nationals. According to Linda Davis, CEU cosmetology has never taken below third place. This summer, welding took fourth and diesel mechanics took fifth, which are both commendable. One of our students did especially well this year.
CEU’s Jessica Silver not only made it to nationals, she took second place.
Silver took second in Nail Care at the VICA national competition held in June 2004. The nail care competition has contestants demonstrate their skills in manicuring a model’s hands, from table setup to the final buff and polish. Rules are strict and attaining a medal at all is quite the achievement, considering the large amount of people competing. Add in the fact that she’s only 19, and you have an incredible accomplishment.
The award is a prestigious one. The top people in the industry are always there. Contestants are not only being recognized for their superior skill in nail care, but the competition is also an evaluation their skills for employment. This award is not only something for Silver to be proud of, but is also something that will help her down the line when she graduates from college.
After graduation from CEU this may, Silver will continue to go to school to study interior design, and she said she plans to own her own salon someday. Silver is originally from North Salt Lake City and attended Woodscross High School before becoming a student at CEU.