July 14, 2024

“The Man Who Came to Dinner” opens next week in Geary Theatre


“This play is basically an early Christmas gift, a fun, wonderful gift. Just happy, fun theatre,” said Dr. Cory Ewan about the theatre department’s upcoming show “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” The show opens September 16 and runs through the 21 with a curtain time of 7:30 p.m.
The story is about Sheridan Whiteside, a famous critic and lecturer who falls and breaks his hip in the home of a small town Ohio family. While Whiteside is confined home to rest, famous friends send odd gifts or come to visit, Whiteside terrorizes the family and Maggie Cutler, Whiteside’s secretary, falls in love with a local newspaper man, Bert Jefferson. To insure that Maggie stays with him and does not marry Jefferson Whiteside calls in Hollywood starlet Lorraine Sheldon to steal him away.
Ewan decided to direct the play because it is one of favorites. “There’s not message, no theme, just fluff!” It takes place in 1939 before WWII when it was a happier more innocent time. I think this will be an audience favorite, he smiled
Angie Roundy, who plays Maggie Cutler, said “Maggie is an extremely intelligent and witty person. She is the only character that is on the same level as Whiteside, even higher perhaps.”
Fun is added to the play by the mention made of famous people of the time. In fact, many of the characters, including Sheridan Whiteside, are based on real people. For example Banjo, a friend of Whiteside’s that comes to save the day is based on Harpo Marx.
Dr. Ewan said, “This is going to be a great show, it’s so fun to do. It reminds us that love conquers all. The cast is great, they’re working hard and we’re exited to do this show.”
The cast includes: Mrs. Ernest Stanley played by Diana Halford; Miss Preen, Melissa Spencer; Richard Stanley, Mike Mutcher; June Stanley, Kim Jenks; John, Cameron Briggs; Sarah, Joanna Johnson; Mrs. Dexter, Carrie Huffaker; Mrs. McCutcheon, Amy Anderson; Mr. Stanley, Sam McGinnis; Maggie Cutler, Angela Roundy; Dr. Bradley, Mattthew Bitner; Sherridan Whiteside, Corey Ewan; Harriet Stanley, Sherri Gillies; Bert Jefferson, Scott Westwood; Luncheon Guests, Douglas Halford, Allen Waddoups, Dustin Eskelsen; Mr. Baker, Tomas Garcia; Expressman, Mitch Ewan, Allen Waddoups; Lorraine Sheldon, Kennedy Byrd: Sandy, B.J. Harmon; Beverly Carlton, Jake Dickey; Westcott, Dustin Eskelsen; Radio Technicians, Allen Waddoups, Mitch Ewan; Banjo, Sam Bailey; Deputies, Douglas Halford, Allen Waddoups; and a plainclothesman played by Dustin Eskelson.

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    Who ever wrote that article is a genious. They should get a raise. If your not paying them then you should start. It’s pure gold, despite the errors. I loved it. It makes me want to see the play, and I don’t even like theatre. Tell him/her that they’re wonderful.


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