July 25, 2024

What’s wrong with an E?

This archived article was written by: Stuart Lake

What is the problem with being different? The College of Eastern Utah has a grading scale that is unique by most standards.
The difference is that instead of earning an “F” as a failing grade, you are given an “E” if you fail your class. Some the CEU powers are trying to change it so CEU’s grading system is like every other college’s.
I for one understand why CEU was different to begin with. The system that we have now just makes sense.
The alphabet is straightforward: A, B, C, D, and E. I don’t understand why “E” was skipped to begin with. Just because fail begins with “F,” that is no cause to just skip the letter “E.” You just can’t go hopping over letters like that.
“E” also just sounds so much better then “F.” The letter “E” does not burn the ears the same way that an “F” does. It does not make you feel so much like you failed. Yes you did fail, but for some reason it just does not feel that way.
I have not been afraid to tell people that I got an “E” in a class. It just does not sound like that big of a deal.
That brings me to my next point. Think of all the good words that start with the letter “E”: excellent, excel, example, extraordinary, electric, and extreme.
These are all words that I would like to have someone use when they are talking about my work.
Not to mention the fact that this is something that is making CEU stand out from every other school out there. We dare to be different, and my mom once told me that being different is what made me cool.
That was the only thing that got me through being called a nerd by all those bullies, and I feel that CEU should stand firm in our resolve to use the letter “E” in our grades.
It is not like it could cause problems with transcripts that transfer from here anyway. All the other schools should just stop making fun of us, back off, and love us for the special school that we are.
There is one more very important function that the letter “E” can do for you as a student at CEU. I have found that my parents have no idea what an “E” stands for in a class.
This is really great for those of us who still have people that ask about our grades.
When asked how I am doing in a class, I can confidently respond that I have an “E.”
If they ask what that is about, I just use one of those good words that begin with “E” that I mentioned before. It has saved me from embarrassment more than once.
I beg the faculty at CEU to consider all the benefits of our current system before they just go throwing it out the window to be like everybody else. There is nothing wrong with being a little different.
Whether you agree or disagree about my ideas, contact Brett Coombs, ASCEU vice president. He is asking for students’ input on the proposed change.