July 21, 2024

A wise decision made in a New York Minute

This archived article was written by: Micah Iverson

CEU head basketball Coach Bryan Zollinger has made a decision to fill the assistant coach vacancy, as he has hired a new confidant to take the place of former assistant coach Brady Trenkle. Trenkle left when he took a coaching position at Dodge City Community College in Kansas. With high hopes for the season, Coach Zollinger has confidence in his new partner that together, they can further cultivate the talent they have brought to CEU.
A native of Worcester, Mass., Brock Erickson has spent his entire life on the east coast. He came to CEU after being referred to Coach Zollinger by a friend who couldn’t relocate to Utah. After two weeks of phone interviews, the job was offered and he readily accepted. He had been an assistant coach at the City College of New York in Harlem, N.Y., prior to coming to CEU.
Basketball has been a part of his life since he was young. After high school he wasn’t offered the scholarships he wanted, so he decided to attend one of the top five prep schools (kind of like being a fifth year senior) in the nation. After learning the basics of the game, which are often overlooked at the high school level, and learning a lot about life, and of course excelling at the game at the same time, he was offered a scholarship at the University of Rhode Island, a Division-I basketball team. He played there during the 95-96, and 96-97 seasons. Upon the completion of his second season at URI, he transferred to Assumption College, a Division-II college in his hometown of Worcester, Mass., where he studied Business Communications.
Concerning the transition of moving to Utah from Harlem, he said, “There were more people living on my block than there is in all of Price.” He has only been here of a week and half, but Erickson has enjoyed it so far.
Effective coaching directly reflects the coach and his abilities to teach the athletes that he comes in contact with. The love of the game should be evident, and that love should be taught to the players which he has stewardship over. After interviewing Erickson, the love of the game was clear to see. Just 29 years old, Erickson has many years ahead of him in the realm of coaching, at CEU, and in the future at Division-I colleges. The players and students at CEU will definitely benefit from his presence on, and off the court.
Clearly, the sidelines will look a bit different, but there will be plenty to cheer about this season with a new look on the court and in the halls with the CEU Golden Eagle basketball team. The coaches hope the CEU community will come out and support the blue and gold this season, as it will be worth the wait.