April 20, 2024

The Conservative Corner

This archived article was written by: LeWayne Snow

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the conservative corner. I am your friendly radical right-ringer. First things first, I would like to apologize to those who might be trying to address my column via e-mail. I’m not having an easy time getting to my e-mail. Bare with me, it won’t be long. Now lets get back to some issues.
Issues? What issues you say? I will begin with the most important issue there seems to be. Iraq is said to be the most deciding factor of this election year and it is the most talked about. There are people in this nation who feel that Iraq is the most horrible thing any president has done, that we shouldn’t be in there, it’s a waste of time and money. Has anyone heard of Sept.11? Don’t you remember over 3,000 dead in one day? People, Saddam Hussein is a mass murderer and was bound to eventually kill again. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? I’ll tell you we have found some nine mortar shells, if not more, filled with seren nerve gas and mustard gas. With this much alone, you can kill more than 100,000 people which is a mass group of people which translates into mass destruction. WMDs don’t simply mean nuclear bombs. Don’t you know that we have intelligence of Saddam’s two sons making frequent trips to Syria just before we invaded? Saddam had over a year to prepare for the invasion everyone knew.
Let’s talk on another issue about oil, which happens to play into Iraq. We’re just in there for Bushes’ oil buddies to get rich. People, they’re already rich, not because of Iraq. Let’s ask France and Germany who got rich off Iraq’s oil. You say this at the same time you’re sitting at the gas pump complaining about the high prices of gas and that is Bushes’ fault too’. People have raised a fuss about Bush hanging out with the royal family of Saudi Arabia. They’re our enemy but he’s laughing with them asking them to lower prices on oil. It’s a conspiracy, it’s all political, timing with the elections. Get real. They were our enemy, but thanks to determined will and persistent attitude, they are our allies. Yes, he has asked them to lower oil prices. That is what we want isn’t it, lower gas prices?
People look at the facts. See the big picture. There is more there than you see. To this I say forward and onward to a greater nation.