July 14, 2024

SUN Center reaches out to community

This archived article was written by: Christine Olsen

College of Eastern Utah’s SUN Center, the all-volunteer center on campus, had a very successful semester last fall. Two of the biggest service projects, Bread and Soup Nights and Angel Tree, went very well, according to the center’s employees.
Bread and Soup Nights were held the five Mondays before Thanksgiving and all proceeds donated to the Carbon County Food Bank. This year’s Bread and Soup Nights averaged 360 people in attendance each night, which includes about 220 students and 122 community members.
Bread and Soup Nights would not be possible without the many people who volunteered their time to help, said Kathy Murray, SUN Center director. Over 137 CEU community members donated their time and the center donated $2,500 to the Carbon County Food Bank. Employees of the SUN Center would like to thank everyone who helped serve, especially ASCEU, Ambassadors, business club, administration, faculty, professional staff, BDAC staff, breakaway club, classified staff, and LDSSA.
The Angel Tree project provided Christmas presents for children in the Carbon County area who otherwise would not have much provided for them during the holiday season. Over 127 CEU/community members helped purchase Christmas presents for these children, which helped 20 families in our area. The SUN Center employees would like to thank all those who helped, especially the Ascension St. Matthew’s church members, the staff in admissions and records and financial aid, and President Ryan and Ann Thomas. Also all the students who purchased gifts are also thanked.
Both the Bread and Soup Nights and the Angel Tree project have been successful this year thanks to many at CEU. It’s time to help again with many more in need. There is a Wildman statue in front of the cafeteria in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. This is a wishing well where students can deposit spare change and make a wish. Each month the money from the Wildman is donated to an organization or group of people in need. This month the funds from the Wildman will be donated to the American Red Cross to help those in the Asian countries recently affected by the Tsunami. Everyone is encouraged to deposit any amount of change into the Wildman this month and help those in need.