July 22, 2024

Richens named as student intern

This archived article was written by: Morgan Hampton

As the new year rolls around on campus, changes are being made in the ambassador program. For starters, the ambassadors bid farewell to Jacob Burrows, who left on an LDS mission to Hiroshima, Japan on December 15. The ambassadors also said good-bye to Skyler King who has finished up his schooling at CEU and is moving on.
Along with the regular ambassadors, the program also has some behind-the-scenes people who take care of the high school student recruitment across the state. Jed Lloyd has been the intern for the program during the fall semester, but finished and moved to Provo to finish his education at Brigham Young Univesity. Taking Lloyd’s place is one of the ambassadors, Jenalee Richens.
Richens has been an ambassador for the past year. She served as the ambassador program coordinator fall semester, and last year she was the program’s yearbook and photo chairperson.
Richens hails from Roosevelt, Utah where she attended and graduated in 2003 from Union High School. During her senior year, Richens was the head cheerleader on the high school squad, where she devoted much of her time supporting her school and helping raise the student’s involvement and spirit. In her time away from school, Richens was active in her family’s business, where she worked on her family farm helping her dad with the chores and sprinkler changing during crop season.
At CEU, Richens has been involved with many different activities. She was the president of the campus renowned “Club 209” last semester and head of the legal society club. Last year she was the only female on the CEU mock trial team, where she did well at their competitions.
Her new job as the intern requires Richens to venture out across the state and visit many high schools to get CEU’s name out and recruit future students. Her journey, which started last week, will be a major part in the ambassador program as she tries to visit almost every high school in the state of Utah. She will be gathering information on high school seniors for the program to keep in contact with for future attendance. Richens enjoys her job and is excited to move onto something new.