July 22, 2024

The blogging question

This archived article was written by: Stuart Lake

One of the most interesting revolutions to the Internet was also the most searched for word in 2004. According to Google the word blog is what people wanted to know about most, and there is a good reason.
A blog is a personal diary that is posted on the Internet for all to see. The appeal of the blog to the common person is that you do not have to be a web designer to have a blog all to yourself, and blogs are fun, and in some cases useful.
Anyone can get on the Internet and go to a blogging site, such as www.blogger.com and in minutes can be all set up and ready to tell the world how they feel. Blogging is so popular that there are hundreds of different sites to choose from when you want to set up your own blog. In most of these sites you can join communities that talk about the same topic as you want to talk about.
Once you find the site that is right for you, you start to set up your blog and decide what you should write about. There are thousands of blogs that are devoted to the war in Iraq, as well as any other topic that you can think of.
The reason that blogs are so interesting is that anyone is able to give their opinion about any topic under the sun. It is true that 95 percent of all blogs are still just a bunch of useless ramblings, but there is a lot of good information to be found in that 5 percent.
Blogs act as filters about the topics you want to know about. If there is a certain topic that you want to know about, you should be able to find a blog that talks about it. Chances are that the author of the blog has done some research on the topic, and will point you towards a lot of other websites that will be useful to you. Blogs are beginning to become the person -made filter of the Internet. You do not have to wade through all sorts of websites and articles to find good ones. Bloggers are going to do it for you.
There is also some controversy surrounding blogs. There have been people fired from their jobs for what they have written on their blogs, be careful in what you write. A person should be able to write nearly anything they want because it is their blog, and their own personal feelings. It will be interesting to see how the courts adjust to this new technology.
Blogging emerging as a technology has leveled the playing field between traditional journalism, and the common man. As blogs have become widely popular, it does not matter that a blog is written by a Plummer in Florida, what matters is that his information is good, so his site is getting thousands of hits a day. This also means that you do not need a degree in communications for someone to listen to your opinions
Blogging is turning out to be the new media of the 21st century, and it will continue to grow because everyone wants to be listened to, and everyone has an opinion, and now it has become simple to publish that opinion for the whole world to see.