July 13, 2024

Kathy Neumeier lends a helping hand

This archived article was written by: Morgan Hampton

When many of you go to the computer lab on the second floor of the Reeves Building, there is always a pleasant smile there to great and welcome you to the lab and ask if there is anything you need. Kathy Neumeier, a familiar face to some but unknown to others, is the help desk coordinator and the computer lab technician at the computer lab in the Reeves Building.
Born and raised in Price, Neumeier is proud to call herself a hometown girl. She attended Carbon High School and went straight into the workforce after graduating. She had the opportunity to travel to Colorado to work, and then after her job was moved, she continued her education at CEU through “NAFTA.” She started out as a non-traditional student and furthering her education when she decided to apply for the 19-hour computer lab assistant. After enjoying it so much, applied for the 29-hour computer lab assistant and has been working here ever since. Neumeier says, “I enjoy the staff and faculty here, I love working for Cathy Easton and the IT department”.
Neumeier is happily married to her husband Paul and has one adult son and two adult step children. In her free time she loves to listen to music. “I love music and listening to it, it’s really enjoyable”. When asked about her free time, she laughs and said, “Free time, what is that? Just kidding, I just like to listen to music and spend time at home”. Neumeier works quite a bit and spending time at home is a favorite past time.
Working at the lab Neumeier sees a lot of students and faculty as well. “Working with the students and the staff is my favorite part about being here. CEU should be proud of their instructors, faculty, staff and students, it’s a good environment here.” The one thing she wanted the readers to know about her is “I am more than willing to help anyone with their needs. I enjoy making friends, not only with the staff and faculty but the students as well”.
Neumeier makes everyone’s trip to the lab more enjoyable with her smile and pleasant disposition. You never walk in without a “hello” or “how can I help you?” and you never leave without a nice “see you later” or “have a good day.” Neumeier works 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and is always glad to see the students at CEU.