July 14, 2024

Lady Eagles fall to 4-12 on the season

This archived article was written by: Josh Luke

The CEU women’s basketball team played against rival Snow College on February 18 and then again on the 19. The Lady Eagles won one out of the two games at home, lifting their confidence that they can win against a tough team.
On February 18, the Lady Eagles beat Snow College 56-47. “They played very tough,” said Coach Dave Paur. “We won a game against a good team for the first time in awhile.” The Eagles were led by Veva Whitear who had 13 points, along with five assists and three steals. Whitney Fardig and Janeen Nelson also had good games. Fardig had six rebounds and two blocks to go along with her 10 points and Nelson added to the win with 10 points, eight rebounds, four assists and five steals. “I was proud of the girls, they finally got it all together and won a game against a respectable team,” said Paur.
The next night the girls went out with renewed confidence ready to win another game. This night turned out to be disappointing for the Eagles, as they lost the game 74-57. The night before the team had shot 35 percent from the field, they had also shot 21-free throws. During the game the second night the team shot a respectable 21 for 50, which is 42 percent from the field, but only attempted 15-free throws. Snow College in contrast shot 21 for 60 from the field but made 29 out of 34-free throws. The ladies lost this game 74-57. In this game Whitear led the team with 15 points and six rebounds. Jana Glover also had 15 points and Marcy Loveless had eight points.
During the game a player from CEU’s team asked an official why she was calling so many fouls. The official answered “your team has a history of fouling.” Coach Paur said that this was the official’s first time seeing CEU play, let alone the first time she had ever officiated here. He also said that it was the first time in all his years here at the school that he has ever heard of an official saying something like that. Another interesting note is that in the first game the Eagles had 18-offensive rebounds and 15-defensive rebounds. In the second game they had only seven offensive and 14-defensive rebounds, which he thinks was caused because the girls were afraid that they would be called with a foul if they went up for a rebound.
Coach Paur said, “I am pleased that the girls haven’t given up, even with all the injuries and adversity they still go out and play every game.” He added that the tournament would probably be at CSI this year.
Earlier this year CSI was in trouble because they had too many international players on their volleyball team. According to Coach Paur, the men’s basketball team is now under investigation for the same offense.
The Lady Eagles only have two games left in the season before the region tournament. Both of these games are against Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City this weekend.