December 7, 2023

Ambassadors for 2005-06 named

This archived article was written by: Kelsie Knudsen

There comes a week every spring for the CEU Ambassadors that is somewhat bittersweet. During this week, high school seniors from throughout the state come together for one thing, ambassador auditions. This is not an easy process, because more than 60 students audition and CEU takes anywhere from 10 to 15 of the candidates to be Ambassadors. The lives of the current Ambassadors are put to a halt every afternoon to watch presentations and give interviews.
Each candidate was required to prepare a five-minute presentation. While creating their presentations there are a couple things they were to keep in mind, such as why they want to attend CEU and why they want to become a CEU Ambassador? All Ambassadors watched the presentations and discussed each candidate following the presentation. After the group discussion, the individual candidates had a personal interview with Todd Olsen, director of admissions and scholarships; Corina Poole, secretary of office of admissions and scholarships; Jenalee Richens and Spencer Childs, admissions counselors; Kelsie Knudsen and John Emmett, Ambassador coordinators; and Jesse Holt, student body president.
During the interview, the panel of seven asked 10 questions to get to know each candidate better. Following the interviews, the panel discussed each candidate. After the final interviews on Friday, the panel discussed all the candidates they had seen over the course of the week and made their decisions.
This year was especially tough because all of the candidates did a great job and the competition was steep. As hard as it was, 14 new Ambassadors were selected for the 2005-2006 school year.
If you are going to be at CEU next year, here is a little heads up: the new Ambassadors include Marie Fitzgerald, who attends Pineview High School, St.George, Ut.; Ryan Pugh, Altamont High School, Altamont, Ut.; Jared Hunsaker. Box Elder High School, Brigham City, Ut.; Sarin Marsing, West Jordan High School, West Jordan, Ut.; Katie Jo Matekovic, Mikell Ball and Nick Nielson, Carbon High School, Price, Ut.; Katie Young, Emery High School, Orangeville, Ut.; Allison Jarrett, Sky View High School, Logan, Ut.; Nancy Brown, Pleasant Grove High School, Pleasant Grove, Ut.; Tina Bigman, Richfield High School, Richfield, Ut.; Chad Valdez, Tooele High School, Tooele, Ut.; Hobie Willis, Union High School, Roosevelt, Ut.; Nick Rex, Mojave High School, North Las Vegas, NV.
The selection process was difficult and though many are sad to see the sophomores graduate and move on to other endeavors, CEU Ambassadors are excited and are looking forward to having these new students on the Eastern Utah campus. They will help the Ambassadors and the office of admissions and scholarships in their recruitment efforts next year.