July 22, 2024

Angela Chavez, striving for excellence through volunteer work at museum

This archived article was written by: Christine Olsen

Angela Chavez is a freshman from Green River, Wyoming, a town of about 12,000 people. She has one younger sister and is majoring in Political Science. Chavez hopes to one day teach political science in secondary education.
Chavez serves as the SUN Center student leader over the CEU museum. She first got involved in service in high school. “I have always been brought up knowing that it’s a very fulfilling thing to do with your life, and helping others when you get the chance is a way to help yourself too because you find your talents,” she said.
At the museum, she works with childrens groups who come in to visit and helps the museum with other tasks. Chavez says, “It’s interesting. You really learn a lot. The project encompasses a lot because you can work with kids or just do stuff for the museum.” Chavez has also volunteered with Head Start and the After School Club.
Other than service, Chavez also enjoys playing piano, singing and playing tennis and basketball. Her role model is her father because “he’s a really hard worker and has come a long way in life despite his circumstances.” She says her most embarrassing moment happened when she was having lunch with some friends. “We were leaving McDonald’s and I backed into my friend’s truck.”
Kathy Murray, SUN Center Director, says “the CEU Museum has asked for a project leader for the past few years and it has never worked out until Angela came along. She has done such a great job for the museum. She’s great with the tours and is very persistent with the work. “