April 18, 2024

ASCEU’s Daniel Wood; a tribute

This archived article was written by: Carlie Golden

Wood’s work is almost over. He has been working hard with his team of helpers the Advisory Cabinet of ASCEU leadership. We hope that ASCEU has made this year special for every student on campus in some way and made some memories that you will not forget.
Wood’s full name is actually Edward Daniel Wood. Wood was born and raised in Price. He has lived in the same house on 55 East and 600 North just a few blocks from the college. Wood’s parents are Richard and Ruth-Ellen Wood and he is the youngest of six.
Wood graduated from Carbon High in 2000. While he was in high school he did receive his Eagle in Scouts. He also took part in many sports such as soccer, cross country, and swimming. Following high school he came to CEU that fall to graduate from CEU in 2001.
After graduating from CEU he then left on an LDS Mission to Toronto, Canada, Cantonese speaking. Wood was an Honorable Return Missionary and was released in 2003.
Wood then attend CEU for another semester and decided he would like to run for Student Body President. Wood said, “I wasn’t going to stay, then I saw a need for some things to change and I thought it would be a good opportunity for me as well as the college and community.” Wood loves the community and wants to do all that he can to help Carbon County.
Some of the things that he was able to bring to life this past year were CEU on the Hill, Game Room, communication with the community, changes with ASCEU
Leadership, and the placement of our beloved rock Gibby. These were all the things that Wood was able to achieve with the help of the ASCEU and the rest of the students, faculty, staff and the community.
When asked how he enjoyed the activities this year Wood said, “I love the Jell-O Slide that is always my favorite activity.” ASCEU put on a lot of fun activities this year and Wood was there for almost every one.
One of the activities that you may remember seeing Wood at was Mr.CEU. He was a presenter but also did a good job of being everyone’s favorite Napoleon Dynamite.
The new Executive Board for next year has been announced and Jesse Holt will be taking the place as Student Body President. Holt said, “Dan Wood has done a great job this year in makind a difference not only on campus but also in the surrounding communitites. I only hope that next year I will be able to further his vison to take this college to its full potential.”
At the end of it all Wood’s only hope is that people will leave saying “He made a difference.” Have a great year next year and remember to stay involved is the best way to have fun.