July 14, 2024

Baseball, broken jaws and a whole lot of fish


According to Jeremy Lambson, the best part about playing baseball at CEU by far is how “me and Scott [Madsen] are awesome buddies.”
Lambson came to CEU from Cottonwood High School after former CEU coach Eric Madsen recruited him “making him feel that it was a good ball club.”
He had been playing baseball since he was two years old. The first time he played on a team was tee ball when he was just four.
His dad, Dave, plays baseball and Lambson grew up playing catch with him. His mom grew up a block from Yankee stadium, so the entire family are “baseball fanatics.”
He greatly looks up to his father because of what a hard worker he is and because he does a lot for his family.
He enjoys hunting and fishing with his dad, mostly ducks, pheasants and doves. He says he is close with his family, especially his little sister.
While at school, he enjoys spending time with his friends Hanson Perkins and Ashley Lyman and in his spare time, he enjoys golfing.
According to Perkins, “Lambson is a very hard working man, when he wants something done, he gets it done no questions asked. He’s a very intelligent, strong, loving guy that will do anything for anyone. Just don’t make him mad or he’ll break your jaw.”
He didn’t mean to break his teammate’s jaw, but when goofing around one day, he got him in a headlock and pulled too hard.
Although the team hasn’t had the best record this year, they have a lot of talent and a great group of guys.
Lambson says one of the things he enjoys most about his team is how they come up with new catch phrases all of the time, like “millions.”
Danny Cornea states, “Jeremy just seems to put his game face on every time he pitches.”
After this year, Lambson would like to continue baseball at a university. “Montana State is a prospect, but if not there, then I’ll go up to the University of Utah and hopefully play.”
Lambson states that his favorite music group is Bone Thugs and Harmony, and he enjoys collecting hats and fish.
According to Perkins, “he loves fish and will spend a hundred dollars on a fish.”
Lambson admits to this “fish fetish,” and adds that he likes to buy new fish often, like every few months. He gets a couple of fish from Wal-Mart, and then takes them back when he gets tired of looking at them. “Wal-Mart, their return policy is anything.”