April 13, 2024

IHC donates $50,000 to nursing program

Intermountain Health Care officials announced it will make a $50,000 donation to the College of Eastern Utah Nursing Department. The donation will be used to fund the travel costs of students to go outside Carbon County to receive training at some of Utah’s largest and most technologically advanced hospitals.
“The CEU Nursing Department is extremely grateful for the continuing support of its nursing program by IHC,” says Frances Swasey, director of the school’s nursing program.
The donation allows CEU to assist students during their clinical rotations in IHC facilities for training in tertiary areas. Students in their final semester spend two to three weeks at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and Primary Children’s Hospital and negotiations are currently taking place to expand that training to Dixie Regional Medical Center.
“This donation fills two purposes,” said Nancy Nowak, RN, IHC’s chief nursing officer. “It helps provide additional training options for CEU’s nursing students – and it is part of IHC’s mission of community service.”
This donation is in addition to $14 million spent annually by IHC in support of medical training programs in Utah. More than 1,500 students in health-related programs receive education and training at IHC hospitals and clinics each year.
IHC is a charitable, community-owned, nonprofit health care organization based in Salt Lake City that serves the needs of Utah and Idaho residents. The IHC system includes health insurance plans, hospitals, clinics, and affiliated physicians. Last year, in more than 148,000 cases, IHC hospitals and associated clinics provided $67 million in charitable assistance. A central part of IHC’s mission is to provide quality medical care to persons from the Intermountain region with a medical need, regardless of ability to pay.