September 21, 2023

Outstanding students named for 2005 graduating class on April 29

Thirty-one students will be honored Friday, April 29 at 6 p.m. in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center as the Class of 2005 recognizes the outstanding students in each department. Those graduating with honors and high honors will receive their honor cords also that evening.
Those receiving awards includes Doug Trease in accounting; Keith Mortensen, automotive technology; Lowell Gardner, biology; Jillyn Schaugaard, business administration; Becky Campbell, business, computer and information systems; Barbara VandeSluis, the Boni Nichols Stick-to-It Award; Ashley Dyett, general chemistry; Michael Oscar Hunt, organic chemistry; Micah Iverson and Richard Simmons, communications; and Cynthia Burton, cosmetology.
Others named to awards include Harley M. Watkins and Jackie . Fausett, criminal justice; Megan Sonntag and Angela Curtis, dance; Shawn Oram, economics; Heather Higham, education; Lorald Gunter, electronics; Jesse Laws, English; Michael Keller and Kirstin Jenkins, geology; Andy Miller, graphic arts; Donald McCarty, journalism; Keith Palmer, mathematics; Amber Denslow, music; Diana Powell, LPN nursing; Shauna Bryner, RN nursing; Lisa Breitenstein, psychology; Samuel C. McGinnis, theatre; and Jeremiah Garcia (CEU) and Jeremiah Blair (Carbon High School), welding.
The event is hosted by the vice president of academics office and includes the awards ceremony and dinner.

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