July 13, 2024

President describes experience of serving

This archived article was written by: Daniel Wood

I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts and give an accounting of what ASCEU Leadership has done this year. It seems like yesterday that we were putting up posters and campaigning for elections. This year’s experiences have been invaluable to me and it has been a wonderful privilege to serve the students of the College of Eastern Utah.
I quickly learned the value of our campaign slogan, United We Stand. Nothing that has been accomplished this year has been done by any one individual. Only the group can take credit for what has been accomplished; I wish to focus on a few of the changes. In addition to this article a visionary statement for the college will be written.
Nothing is impossible for a group that combines their efforts in a single goal. The CEU on the Hill has been a wonderful project that has incorporated the city, welding department, student government, personal donors from the community, and the administration. It is a manifestation of the power of many entities; willing to make a difference and acting upon that desire. Many thanks to all who were involved; it would have been impossible without you.
You cannot represent a voice that is unheard. We have made efforts to increase communication across campus this year. We opened up the Leadership Booth in the Student Center to encourage this communication to take place as well as continued the campus concern e-mail at [email protected]. Please feel free to stop by and voice any concerns or suggestions to anyone in the booth and they will be discussed in our next meeting. Surveys were conducted to rate the working, extracurricular, and educational satisfaction of the students, faculty, and staff.
There is never only one solution to a problem. Forums were organized to allow students to voice concerns and discuss solutions to the administration. These meetings will hopefully continue on a bi-semester basis. A body of people will always come up with a better solution than an individual.
Students sometimes just want to have fun. This year I have enjoyed many of the activities on campus. Thanks to all who helped them be a success. Again, please let ASCEU Leadership know of any activities you would like to see. We have recently gained responsibility for the game room which will become a new center of activity for the students. It has been re-painted and will soon have new supplies to better suit the students.
It takes a whole community to have a college. This year we have made great efforts to become involved in the community. Our public relations chair has consistently attended the county commission and city council meetings. The community has responded in great support and will be holding the first ever Business Expo. for the students on orientation day in August.
Change is good. This year a new constitution was ratified by the student body with several new positions for the 2005-2006 year. Many organizational changes were made including a student senate representing every department on campus. This body will allow the students to have greater input in academic decisions.
Separation anxiety. I have loved my experience here and find it difficult to leave. It has been wonderful to be involved with people of such caliber this year and will miss my association with many of you. This institution is not based upon the buildings or facilities, but individuals. It is my hope that this theology will be the core of the College of Eastern Utah. For the greatest good, many must be willing to give something of value.
Looking to the future Next year you can look forward to a new swipe ID card system that will allow the same card to be used in the library and cafeteria. We give our congradulations to the new student body officers and express our confidence that they will take CEU to new glorious horizons.
Thanks to all of you who have gone out of your way to be proactive in support of the students and their experience here at the college. Never give up. You will never know how much you have done. We must be the change that we desire to see in the world. Don’t underestimate the change you may make in the life of another or of a community.