July 23, 2024

Volunteer spotlight features environmental issues leader


This archived article was written by: Christine Olsen

Adam Anderson is a freshman from Price. He has one brother, a sister, four half-brothers and eight half-sisters. He is majoring in music performance and hopes to work as a professional musician, either solo or orchestral. Anderson plays the flute and is learning how to play guitar and piano. He also likes to play racquetball and perform community service.
Anderson serves as the SUN Center student leader over the environmental issues project. He says “I like to do service because it brings out the best in people, not only for those who serve, but those who are served also.” Anderson has organized several projects this semester, including a Litter Walk to cleanup campus, a pop can tab collection to benefit the Ronald McDonald House and yard work for local elderly people. Most recently, Anderson and a group of 18 volunteers traveled to Nine-Mile Canyon to groom trails, build a fence and build picnic tables.
Anderson says his role model is his dad, because “my dad is the epitome of hard work and success to me.” His most embarrassing moment happened on a hike in the Uintah Mountains. “I was on a 50-mile hike for Scouts and I set my backpack down for a break and snack. After we finished our break, we continued to hike towards Kings Peak. We walked about three miles farther and I realized that I didn’t have my backpack anymore. I had to run back and get it while the others continued hiking towards our destination. When I finally caught up with the group three hours later they were eating, but I was so tired that I just laid down in my tent and went to sleep.”
Kathy Murray, SUN Center director, says that “Adam has done a great job as the leader of environmental issues. Even though it has been cold outside, he has still been able to come up with environmental projects that have greatly helped our area.”