April 18, 2024

Hurricane relief effort fundraising events planned

This archived article was written by: Nick Critchlow

In light of the recent events along the Gulf Coast, College of Eastern Utah organizations are showing their humanity by contributing funding to the relief of the disasters caused by Hurricane Katrina. They have planned two special days of activities to raise funds to assist in the relief efforts tonight (Sept. 8) and on Tuesday (Sept. 13).
Hundreds of thousands of residence have been left homeless and separated from their families. New Orlean’s Mayor Ray Nagin said the number of deaths in the city could reach 10,000. They need help to restore their city and its families.
On the local front, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bryan Zollinger, along with ASCEU Leadership, LDSSA and the SUN Center are sponsoring three events during the next few days to earn funds to send to the relief effort. This, they hope, will help students become involved in doing their part to help people who lost everything they owned during the hurricane last week
Tonight, from 7-9 p.m., the men’s and women’s basketball teams will host a Slam Dunk Contest in the BDAC gym. Coach Zollinger encourages students, faculty, staff and community members to come out and meet the players. The night includes autograph signing, a slam dunk competition and three-point competitions.
One of the special events of the evening includes former CEU basketball player and NCAA All-Star, Harold Arceneaux making a guest appearance. He is playing semi-pro basketball in the United States and pro basketball in Europe and South America. He still has many family members living in the remains of the city. After the hurricane, he located his mother who is coming to live in Utah with Arceneaux and his family in Layton.
Price of admission is $3. “This is a good thing for our athletic program and our school to help out in this time of tragedy,” says Zollinger. “Plus it will be nice to have Harold join us that night.”
The following Tuesday in the JLSC ballroom, the college is hosting a Bread and Soup Night. This event will take place from 6-8 p.m. and the cost is $5. All proceeds will go towards the hurricane relief effort. Later that evening, a candlelight vigil in the library pit will honor the victims and survivors of this tragedy. Several speakers will talk about the immense tragedy and how CEU is doing its part in helping the victims of this overwhelming tragedy through its fundraising efforts.
A video of the aftermath of the hurricane will be shown during the vigil. “This video will hopefully help put in perspective exactly what has been done to New Orleans”, says Student Body President Jesse D. Holt.
Coach Zollinger is encouraging everyone to give what they can to help those who have been affected by this natural disaster. “Every little bit helps, if people could donate $3 or $1 it could all add up.”
Holt says, “I think that realistically we are not going to raise that much money, but as long as we know that students have done their part in what we are trying to accomplish, it will be successful.”