April 13, 2024

Reference library focuses on exotic topics

This archived article was written by: Lori Brassaw

An especially wonderful and fascinating area of the library awaits a visit from all students, faculty and staff. This unique and amazing area of the library specializes in books with brief but succinct information in hundreds of thousands of topics and subjects. This area of the library is known as the Reference area.
In the Reference area a visitor will find information about exotic locals on the planet as well as information, statistics and facts related to common everyday tools and local happenings. The Reference area of the library houses pictures and stories of people, places and entire civilizations that existed thousands of years ago or as recently as last month.
A visitor to the Reference area may discover facts and details about our vast solar system or facts and details about the local lakes and rivers. In the Reference area there is current as well as historical information about governments and people in as far away places as Tahiti or South Africa as well as facts, figures, numbers and stories of our own state and federal government.
On a practical and immediately useful note, there are several books in the Reference area that pertain to information about the SAT, ACT and college CLEP. There is also information on many types of student scholarships and other financial aide. There are books with information on college majors as well as books with lists and facts about colleges and universities around the country and the world.
If you are looking for information for your classes, there are general and specialized encyclopedias to help get you started with your research. There are brief criticisms of various literature works as well as brief biographies of many famous and not so famous people. There are facts about physics, chemistry and engineering to assist you in your science classes. There are also facts about baseball, basketball and other sport statistics. Criminal justice students will find many books on their topic. For the cinema lover, there are books about the history of movie making and brief backgrounds on important people and films of the time. The Reference area has it all!
This truly wondrous area of the library is located on the main floor on the west side of the building. The area is small in size but contains an enormous amount of information!
Please feel free to discover and browse this area of the library. Come prepared to be delighted and surprised!
The books in the Reference area do not leave the library so that all visitors to the library may have free, open and timely access to the information found in the Reference collection. As a library staff, we welcome you and look forward to your visit!