September 29, 2022

Schaugaard: a zest for life and caring heart

This archived article was written by: Kim Clegg

Jill Schaugaard is a sophomore this year studying business administration. Good people and a friendly environment brought her to CEU from Layton.
Last year, she was actively involved with campus life through ASCEU. This year, she wanted to continue her leadership skills by becoming a SUN Center leader. She wanted to serve the students and the community.
For this semester, she chose to be over one-time projects. On September 9, her first project will take place: The Road Rally. It will be jammed pack with fun with three to four rotating service projects taking place to help those in the community and to acquaint students to the SUN Center. It will take a few hours and a scrumptious dinner will be served.
Time is precious and hard to come by, which can be attested by Schaugaard. Along with being a full-time student she cannot think of a better way to spend her time than in service to others, especially when they need it.
Service has touched her life and has always been a part of it. She knows that despite the fact if service is given or received, one is always blessed. “Service has helped my life and I want to give the same feeling to someone else,” Schaugaard added. For all who know her, also know that to be true.
Kathy Murray, director of the SUN Center, states, “I admire her enthusiasm and talent to make everyone around her feel special. She’ll be a wonderful leader! We’re glad to have her a part of the SUN Center.”
Schaugaard endears many with her zest for life and caring heart that encompasses service to helps others. Even from the simplest of ways, she makes the days of others much brighter.
Some advice from Schaugaard: “Nothing ever gets done without some initiative. We all have great ideas, put the best ones into action.”

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