July 14, 2024

Library Corner

This archived article was written by: Lori Brassaw

A wonderful authoritative resource for student-research papers is located at the CEU Library’s website and is known as Academic Pioneer. It is a compilation of database services that electronically provides access to thousands of scholarly and popular journals, magazines and newspaper articles. Students, faculty and staff may access Academic Pioneer without cost. Academic Pioneer is available from the library and other sites on campus or off campus with the use of an ID: Library and Password: Patron.
To access Academic Pioneer just follow these steps:
1. Access library homepage at library.ceu.edu
2. Click on Journals and Comprehensive Information.
3. Click on Academic Pioneer Utah’s On-line Library
4. A list of databases will show. A good place to start research is in EBSCOhost web. Scroll down an alphabetically organized list to EBSCOhost web and double click.
5. EBSCOhost web is a service that provides user access to several article databases which contain thousands of full-text articles as well as citation/abstract of articles. Information retrieved will be both scholarly and popular.
6. In EBSCOhost web, select at least one article database, hit enter.
7. To begin to search, place your subject in the FIND box, hit enter.
EBSCOhost retrieves many articles. In addition to information found in EBSCOhost, other database services in Academic Pioneer include: J-Stor, Project Muse, SIRS, Criminal Justice Abstracts and many others.