July 21, 2024

Majors has major plans at CEU


This archived article was written by: Kim Clegg

Colby Majors, a sophomore from Huntington, studies at CEU not only because it is close to home, but because of the diversity it offers.
Colby is an education major and plans on teaching children. His love of diversity and children is evident in the project he has chosen to be over: The Castle Valley Center. The center is a school for children and adults that have special needs.
Ages of the student body range from preschool to adult. Adults live in a house called the Applehouse where they learn to do chores. They all have jobs in the community using skills they learned at the center.
Majors became a leader because he loves to be around people and help those in need. Helping others gives him a sense of appreciation.
For the next project at the Castle Valley Center, they will be actively involved with painting and cleaning. Some of the ramps, curbs and lines in the parking lot need to be painted. Gravel around the playground needs to be cleaned to and moved to a centralized area.
Some advice for fellow peers, Majors stated: “When you have an opportunity to serve, go and do. I know that by doing so, you will be able to grow from those amazing serving opportunities.”
Majors is enthusiastic and determined to do his best in all his endeavors. He credits the person he has become to various people he has encountered. Through their personalities, they have taught him a variety of well-rounded aspects.
Kathy Murray, of the SUN Center, states: “Colby is really energetic about life and being able to share his time and energies with the Castle Valley Center. The students at the Center are amazing and will touch your life if you let them.”
Majors is always anxiously involved. He does not just stick with his project, he supports and is involved in many others. Colby would love to have you involved in making a difference in the lives of some very special individuals. If interested, call him at 630-0798.