April 20, 2024

New role for language instructor


This archived article was written by: Carlie Golden-Thayn

Many international students attend CEU. One may not realize how many or what they had to go through to get here. Jane Johnson has been the person that helps recruit and retain these students for the past 16 years.
Johnson often works with students for up to a year before they step foot on campus. She helps them get a Visa and other paper work needed to come here. Imagine wanting to come to CEU so badly that you are willing to work with someone a year before setting foot on campus.
She is the international student adviser, and if they come here and do not speak English, she is also their instructor.
Johnson received her teaching English as a second language or TESL endorsement from BYU. She also received a bachelor’s degree in geology and history. Besides teaching English as a second language, she teaches a history class that she took over after Dr. Todd Leahy left. Johnson said, “I have really enjoyed teaching history this semester, it has been fun for me.” Primarily she teaches English as a second language, so U.S. history was a nice change for her.
“The international students truly are amazing,” Johnson said. “I love working with them and most of them keep in touch. Now I have friends all over the world.”
Shanika Basnayake from Sri Lanka said, “I like Mrs. Johnson. She is so nice, she was my first teacher here.” Hajara Nimal also from Sri Lanka said, “she’s a good teacher, she’s my teacher right now.” Johnson’s students like and admire her just as much as she does them.
Johnson also likes to travel to see her grandchildren and children. After she is finished working at CEU, she plans to move closer to her children along the Wasatch Front. Until that day, she continues to travel. Some of the places she likes going are the states; she just went to the East Coast to South and North Carolina. Johnson has also been to Canada, British Columbia and traveled Europe.
Besides traveling she runs a green house in the spring called Cedar Hills Nursery. Johnson said, “In the spring between February and May is where I spend most of my nights.”
What she likes most about working at CEU are the people and how nice everyone is. She likes working with people and students. “They are all such caring and loving people.” She likes living in Price because, it is not crowded and is a short drive to the mountains or desert. “It is just a very peaceful place.”