June 23, 2024

Questioning the meaning of life

This archived article was written by: Angela Oliver

I am a humanitarian. I believe in one world, one Earth and only one kind of people. I don’t believe in borders, boundaries or countries.
I wish people could understand that if there is a heaven and a hell, not to focus their lives on where they go or when they die, but to live for the moment, because in essence that is all we have. What we do in the now, can affect ourself, or someone else for the rest of their lives.
I had the wonderful experience to travel the world, to go to other lands, and corners, that may have a different title but belongs to each and every one of us. To experience people from different cultures only to see that they are just like me. To see that their flag, their title, their beliefs, still forces them to be human. To sit when they are tired, to laugh when they are happy, to cry when they are sad.
So I sit right now, trying to understand what life is all about. It is about relationships. It is about how we connect with other people, not to have a relationship, but to make a difference for the few moments we stand before each other. It is about the energy of the land. To understand that borders, boundaries and time are just something that people have developed to control us, and it is our quest to fight the human food chain.
In my life, disappointment has been my biggest downfall. I want to do everything, only to find out I cannot finish anything. I start something and don’t finish it. I am perceived a failure and a let down to my family. I cannot keep a friend to save my life, and yet still press on only to find myself hurting people that I love and care about. I left my family, only to make friends that will hopefully remember me someday, if they are not already gone.
I am a humanitarian. I believe the only difference between human beings is external, and that pain will go away. But that people will never give each other the chance, because of greed, power, envy, hatred, and jealousy. As hard as I try to get the people around me to understand me, I cannot find one soul that is not obsessed with their worldly treasures. In this world people are blinded by the treasures of the 20th and 21st century. There is not one person that has not been blinded by money, power, and a false sense of security set forth by their leaders.
I welcome the day when the blind are weeded out. Because only then will one find the true person, and only then will one see that the power is not in the hands of leaders, but rather in our hands. The power that each individual person seeks is in their own hands. Only then will one catch a glimpse of a real person. A person who understands that land is Earth and Earth is not ours, rather we belong to Earth, all of us.
We are at its mercy. Yet, we destroy its beauty by creating borders and boundaries. We’ve created weapons and industry, to benefit human kind and to destroy Earth. We feel we have the right to take life at no remorse to Earth or ourselves. We feel that killing the energy and life in the rain forests is nothing but a mere consequence of industry. I beg the Earth to fight back. I beg for the fury of our mother.
And if it costs me my life then I beg for her to hurry. Much more of this abuse, this murder, and I am ready to cash in. My chips were played before I entered this game. I believe in the rights of a free individual. But then you can’t describe what free really is, because it is something that we have learned to live without, only to hide behind its true meaning. Land of the free, I don’t think so.
In the year 2005, no land is free. And we settle for this. six billion people, and we are unable to stand up against the harsh dictatorship called government. Every country has it, and all of them are corrupt in some way. But don’t we need government? No, we need freedom through government.
Yet we will live most of our lives never knowing what freedom feels like. Mostly because our minds are deluded by television, materialistic things, greed and a false sense of security we call freedom.