July 21, 2024

Through the Eagle’s Eye

We like boys
CEU should not appear to have any ties to the North American Man-Boy Love Association, commonly called NAMBLA.
Rather, it’s not commonly called NAMBLA. That’s because it’s not commonly talked about. In fact, most people tend to be disgusted by what NAMBLA represents.
Yet our cheerleaders have decided to have a date auction. And in it, they will be auctioning “the sexiest boys on campus.”
Yup, the sexiest boys. Not the men, not the guys. We will be auctioning boys here at CEU.
Now for those that haven’t caught on, we call our sports teams on the college level men’s basketball and women’s basketball.
That’s because in the magical summer between the day we graduate from high school and the day we start at college, we all grow up to become men and women.
If you’re having trouble with this, maybe you should go back to fourth grade and “have a little talk” with your mommy or daddy.
However, while we poke fun at the cheerleaders for their auction, we recognize that it is probably for a good cause. Further, it is a far cry from the slave date auctions that the LDS Student Association and SUN Center sponsored a couple years ago.
We no longer make a mockery of one of the darkest periods in American, or for that matter, human history. And we commend the cheerleaders for not making the same mistake as some of their fellow student organizations have in the past.
Election ethics
Tuesday was primary elections for municipalities around the state. Mayors and city council members were up for election around the state.
CEU faculty and students living on campus were apprised of this fact by a flyer from one of the local candidates running for office.
On Tuesday, a candidate had flyers placed in campus mailboxes.
We believe that is a violation of the ethics that candidates should demonstrate as they run for office.
If a candidate is willing to abuse a system here at the college, what will that person abuse if elected?
We encourage candidates to let students know their positions. We welcome advertisemements in the campus newspaper. We believe that yard signs can be appropriately placed in students dorm windows. We believe candidates should consider canvasing the college dorms with pamphlets. However, to use the college mail service implies that the candidate is endorsed by the college.
Candidates should be more sensible than to do that. Further, the college should have firm policies in place that dictate whether literature is appropriate for distribution in college mailboxes. That decision should not be left to the overburdened mailroom staff.

3 thoughts on “Through the Eagle’s Eye

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    Just like the CEU Eagle of 10 years ago with most of the articles being written with a negative and angry slant. Funny how nothing ever changes.

  2. Comment
    Hah, I love how angry you sound (aimed at previous comment). Is it really that big of a shock that college journalism would be so biased, opinionated, and objective? Try to keep in mind that this is an age where most kids our age, begin to think that they understand everything there is to understand. This is merely a staging area for them: They first arrive at school not knowing a thing. During their enrollment they come to believe that they suddenly are aware of all truth. And in the end, sometime after school has become history and life has knocked reality into the picture, they then realize that at school, they really didn’t learn anything.

    Give them a break; Kids are kids, and will act the part until they are no longer kids. You’d get the same thing from any other University or College, so why act like you expected different?

    Sometimes it amazes me at how the naysayers of intelligent writing are often times the most ignorant themselves.

  3. Comment
    Oh how naive (directed at previous comments). These students are more aware of their surroundings than ever before. They have learned to articulate their arguments and have solid backing for their arguments. As far as the newspaper being negative and biased, I have to disagree. If you look on the opinion page, it is biased. As it should. As far as being negative, take a look at the news pages or the lifestyles pages. Much of the content is spun into a positive light or reported in an objective manner. Even the sports page has a tendency to gloss over the fact that CEU has a losing athletics program. I think Mert here needs to realize that just because an opinion spins a negative view on something does not mean the whole paper is that way.


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