April 20, 2024

Graffiti artist caught by campus police


This archived article was written by: Cj Jelsma

The suspect in nearly two dozen graffiti incidents on the College of Eastern Utah campus was apprehended on Monday after terrorizing the stalls of CEU restrooms since September 29.
The suspected graffiti artist signed the name Zanza to his art with the Chinese symbol for heavenly. He was also known to quote passages from books and novels that he had read.
The many incidents have occurred all over campus in men’s restrooms including in the Computer Business Building, Jennifer Leavitt Student Center, Student Activities Center and the Reeves building.
Other incidents of graffiti have occurred other than that of the man apprehended on Monday. These two incidents are believed to be that of a copycat because they started after the first.
James Prettyman, CEU’s director of public safety is currently investigating the graffiti happening on campus. Prettyman warns that the small scale graffiti incidents can still amount to felony charges in court and that the copycat should stop now to prevent being caught and facing charges.
“This stuff ends now,” commented Prettyman. “We don’t need this kind of thing on our campus. The cost comes back to students. Student fees go up to cover costs of cleaning up graffiti.”
Prettyman also stated that if students felt the need to express themselves publicly, that they can submit letters to the college newspaper as a means to have their points heard.
“This is a nice campus, keep it nice,” said Prettyman.
Campus police are currently looking for information on the copycat graffiti artist. If any students have relevant information on the second graffiti artist, they are encouraged to contact the campus police immediately. Students can stay anonymous if they choose to do so.