July 25, 2024

Malmgren shows dedication and service through strengthening society


This archived article was written by: Kim Clegg

Price native, Mike Malmgren, joined the SUN Center team this year in an effort to personally help strengthen society.
He is a sophomore studying psychology and his project is the Breakaway Club, which is an alternative Spring Break. The Breakaway Club creates a chance for college students to get away from the drinking and the party scene by using their time off school by being involved in service. In year’s passed, the club raised funds to serve in the Navajo Reservation, Arizona, Mexico, Portland, Bakersfield, Seattle and Long Beach.
Originally, Malmgren was planning to journey to Mexico, where he served as an LDS Missionary just months prior to enrolling this semester, to build houses and aid the locals in other much needed ways.
However, due to the hurricanes that have devastated the Southeast U.S., he decided to modify his plans to serve those left with nothing. There is much rebuilding to be done and Malmgren and his group hope to do their part in aiding that need.
After finding the devastation left behind this tragedy, Malmgren is passionate in actively involving the raising of funds to make this trip a reality. Mowing lawns, raking leaves and (soon to come) shoveling snow are a part of these efforts. Countless meetings have been held to correlate and work as a group to come up with new ideas to raise money.
The next project, along with yard work obligations, the group will be holding bake sales. Please support the Breakaway Club in their efforts to achieve success.
Malmgren’s favorite quote is, “You have to give until it hurts,” by Mother Theresa. Her words are evident in the way that Malmgren lives his life. Willingness to serve, love of life and people and shear dedication to good works are part of his nature. His true motivation comes from his love of learning and he is excited about the future.
Malmgren has proven dedication to this cause time and time again. He would do anything to help anyone and has given much more than is expected. Kathy Murray, SUN Center Director said: “Mike is a man of vision. He was so excited about taking our group to Mexico, but after Katrina he felt the greater need would be to serve the people on the Gulf Coast. He’s excited and well-organized and it will be a trip to be remembered. People will remember him and his great efforts.”