December 7, 2023

Student Success Workshop: transferring to 4-year colleges


This archived article was written by: Benjamin Walden

Are you getting ready to transfer to a four-year school and not sure where to begin? Oct. 13 students were introduced to procedures of transferring in student success workshop.
The workshop, given by Shanny Wilson and Darlene Severeid from the academic advising office, offered “Eleven Easy Steps” for preparing to transfer. These steps include tips such as getting your applications for admissions in by set deadlines, or better yet, Christmas break. “Get it over with so you do not have to worry about it,” Wilson said.
Sending your CEU transcripts to every school that you are applying to may involve sending more than one transcript. “Your first transcript is free and every transcript after that is $2,” she added.
Attending transfer days is key in knowing where and how to transfer to the college of your choice. Checking the course listing at each college to see if the student’s major coordinates with the classes offered is important.
Other suggestions included completing all of the financial work as soon as possible, requesting letters of recommendation and attending student orientations at the college of your choice.
Application deadlines were posted in workshop packets given to students. The packets are available upon request from Severeid or Wilson. The deadline page includes a complete listing of all four-year universities in Utah, a list of application fees, general admission and scholarship deadlines.
Also available in the packet is a page that explains GPA requirements of each four-year college. This includes, for some colleges, the likeliness of acceptance. The packet contains all college websites and a complete schedule of on-campus visits and where they will be located.
“It’s important for students to do research: visiting campus and departments, scheduling a meeting with department heads and/or advisors, talking with other students, faculty, staff and possibly even sitting in on a class (given permission),” Wilson said.
Students should experience the “different feel” of each university.