July 22, 2024

Campus crime expected to worsen during holiday season

This archived article was written by: Cj Jelsma

Thefts on the College of Eastern Utah campus are expected to rise over the next couple of weeks before and while students are away for the holiday break.
There have been a few reported cases of theft so far this week on campus, but the incidences are expected to become more frequent. This time of year has been a bad time for on-campus thefts in past years, said James Prettyman, director of public safety for CEU.
“It will get worst,” Prettyman warns all students on campus.
Students are advised to take precautions for the next few weeks and over the break due to the high incidence for theft. Students also have a higher chance of forgetting to lock their doors or automobiles due to being in a hurry, Prettyman said.
All CEU students should always lock their doors to their rooms and automobiles, but over the break it is important to make sure doors are locked. Few students, faculty and staff will be on campus during the break, leaving many students with a greater chance of being burglarized.
If a student is burglarized, they are encouraged to contact the campus police as soon as possible at 613-5612.