July 23, 2024

Campus police issue littering citation during Loserpalooza

This archived article was written by: Cj Jelsma

After several people were cited for drinking alcohol on the College of Eastern Utah campus during the Battle of the Bands event last month, illegal incidents are still occurring, but at a lower rate than before.
A 27-year-old male was cited the night of the Loserpalooza concert at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center on November 11. The male was allegedly consuming alcohol with his of-age girlfriend on a sidewalk adjacent to the college when he was caught discarding his beer can onto the sidewalk by campus police.
The consumption of alcohol at the Loserpalooza concert was nowhere in proportion to that of the underage-related drinking that occurred at the Battle of the Bands concert, James Prettyman, director of public safety of CEU said.
There was not as much drinking at the Loserpalooza as was expected by campus police. “You’re always going to have it no matter what we do,” said Prettyman about the consumption of alcohol on campus.
The 27-year-old male will face a $299 fine for littering on the property. He was not cited for drinking on campus.
CEU has a zero tolerance policy for consuming or possessing alcohol on campus. Students who are caught consuming or possessing will face class B misdemeanor charges and possibly up to $1,000 in fines and 90 days in jail.