August 13, 2022

Cj’s last words to the students, faculty of CEU

This archived article was written by: Cj Jelsma

Moving away is much like beginning your life over again. This is at least how I think of it now that I am finally leaving Price and CEU for a new experience in the big city.
As I leave for this new experience, I started thinking about the things that will be missed when I am gone, the people I have known for years and even those that I have grown to love.
As an editor on the newspaper staff, it is my responsibility to leave you with my last will and testament before moving on, so here it is.
At the top of that list will be the students of CEU that I have become friends with over the past two years of school. Members of The Eagle staff are the best friends I made while attending college. They have accepted me for who I am, given me a little crap for the bad choices I made along the way and given me someone to always talk to when I need to just talk.
All the editors and staff have been incredible, if I was to leave the students with one bit of knowledge, it would be join a club or even the newspaper, it enhances the experience of college and gives you a lot bigger chance of making friends that will last a lifetime.
It is impossible to name everyone, but for those of you who have been here with me along the way for the past few years: Les Bowen, Donald McCarty, Heather Myers, Leland Lobato, Allie Mangum and Robert Hanson, I will always call you friends. For all of you, I leave behind the memories of how much fun we had on trips to boring conferences, the Spaghetti Factory, conversations about Canada and the Mounties, 7-Eleven hopping, getting high on sugar and hanging out at malls while some of us (who shall remain unnamed) eat strange and nasty foods (pickled herring).
Heather, you are an incredible person, thanks for the knowledge you passed on. We had a lot of fun making fun of others and listening to Queen along the way. Every time I hear U2, I will think of you. I leave you with the knowledge that Good Charlotte is better than U2.
Les, you have been here a while and have learned a lot in that time. You taught me nearly everything I know about the newspaper business and I thank you. I hope one day to repay you for what you have taught me. To you, I leave the knowledge that I owe you money for what I have learned, but would rather owe you than cheat you out of it.
Donald, you taught me basically all of what I know about the industrial music scene, by the way I also cannot stand Korn and Kittie, sorry. But I leave you with the knowledge that you helped create another Nine Inch Nails fan.
For those who have barely joined the staff: Chase Andrizzi, Nate Davis, Angela Oliver, Nick Critchlow and Benjamin Walden, I may not know all of you well, but will remember working with you on the long nights filled with bad language, tension, stress and way too much pizza. I leave you with the wisdom that this is the best time of your life no matter what you think. Enjoy it.
The professors of this school will also be remembered. Each of you will always be remembered and I hope you do not remember me as the girl who never attended class. Thank you for helping me along the way to my education, each of you taught me something special, even if it did not have to do with the class you taught.
Two professors will always stick out in my memory of CEU. One, sadly, is no longer with us, but Billy Lanier taught me so much in the little time I knew him. He was not only an incredible teacher and intelligent person, but he was an incredible person. He will always be remembered for what he left me and all other students with, the knowledge that we can do what ever we want no matter what age we are.
Susan Polster Ph.D., you were the second professor that I will always remember. You taught me an incredible amount in the short time I have known you; I will never forget what you did for me. You took the time to get to know me, just like you do with all your students; you make them feel like an individual not just a student in a large class. While I have been here, you have not only taught me much, but you have always treated me fairly, put up with too much, joked about my big pen and treated me as an equal. To you, I leave the knowledge that I hope to be much like you when I can finally call myself an adult. I hope that one day I can be as intelligent and successful, not-to-mention as cool as you are.
To the staff at the CEU Health and Wellness Center, you will also be remembered. Danielle Pendergrass and Kate Alleman, you treated me like an equal while I volunteered. You not only taught me a great deal about being a good person, but you taught me a lot about the problems faced as a woman. You will definitely not be forgotten and I hope to see you again. I would like to leave you with the knowledge that every patient that comes in to talk to you will leave with a smile, no matter how sick they are. This is because you are two incredible people that I will remember and love.
There are a lot more of you out there that I will miss but cannot think of at this time, I am sorry if I forget anyone. This is getting pretty long, so I will leave you all with the knowledge that college is a life-altering thing and I am glad you were all here to share the experience with me.

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