July 25, 2024

Governor Huntsman honors top scholars from CEU

This archived article was written by: Heather Myers

Four College of Eastern Utah students were invited to have lunch with Gov. Jon Huntsman on November 4.
The students were chosen as the Governor’s Scholars. Four students from each of the colleges and universities in the state were selected. Each college was asked to nominate up to four freshmen or sophomores.
The criteria were left up to the individual colleges, but the governor’s office suggested that students show academic promise based on academic progress, college entrance exam scores and the like.
Lisa Breitenstein, John Emett, Keith Palmer and Rikelle Deaton were nominated by instructors or faculty members and selected for outstanding GPA and ACT scores, academic awards and service to the community.
The Governor’s Scholar Program is not a scholarship; rather it is a recognition of students that have excelled in college in their first years. The program is designed to encourage Utah students early in their college career and prepare them for more prestigious postgraduate scholarships such as Gates, Marshall, Truman or Rhodes scholarships.
The students had dinner at the governor’s mansion with the governor and first lady. They attended a 20-minute presentation from a distinguished scholar on academic achievement.
Bryan Allen, Melinda Sudbury, Sara Fields and Davey Davis were the recipients from the University of Utah.
Brianne Bartlett, Amanda Mortensen, Kristen Mortensen and Grayson C. Weeks were selected form Utah State University.
Sierra Rose Hancock, John Boom, Lindsay Anderson and Laura Sheffield represented Weber State University.
Daniel N. Evans, Jared L. Fletcher, Dolores Heaton and Blair Jorgesen received the honor from Dixie State College.
Lacey Peterson, Shane Anderson, Missey Bonham and Jace Hilton were selected from Utah Valley State College.
Odelia Humphrey, Casey Daniel, Amanda Twede and Emily Halton were the recipients from Salt Lake Community College.
Marie Robinson, Blakely Nielson, Jennifer Niedfelt and Leah Welch received the honor from Westminster College.
Carina Leticia Klemet, Edward Stevenson, Andrew Jonathan Maxfield and Hannah Pritchett were selected from Brigham Young University.
Alesha Given, Sarah Hiatt, Caitlin Holliday and Sean Vanhille are the recipients from Southern Utah University.
Broc C. White, Darrell John Cropper, Jesse Smith and Shane B. Robinson were selected from Snow College.