July 21, 2024

His teaching philosophy is not that different

This archived article was written by: Allie Mangum

Voted teacher of the year last year, the psychology department chair has obviously won the approval of students at the College of Eastern Utah after joining the faculty in the fall 2004.
Known for his classroom interaction with students and getting them involved in activities, Lueck gets students excited about subjects. “He teaches things you actually want to learn,” says student Ali Lee. He strives to deal with students’ concerns and knows most of them by name. Opening up and talking to him is easy as he portrays a comfortable, interested demeanor.
Lueck is unsure what makes him different from other teachers – or if anything does at all – he simply cares about the students. “I try to make it interesting and enjoyable.”
He teaches four psychology courses: introduction to psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology and sports psychology.
Alumnus of Brigham Young University, Lueck earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s degrees at the Provo school. He joined a research team to write his dissertation on therapy-outcome research, studying sessions and outcomes of therapy with a variety of patients with different mental illnesses.
After graduating from BYU, Lueck fulfilled his residency at Michigan State University. “I loved it, but it’s too cold.” An Arizona native, he is used to the heat of the Phoenix area.
He enjoys the variety of people and how friendly they are at CEU.
Lueck’s enthusiasm for life is not limited to teaching, when he is not performing duties of a teacher of the year, he is skiing, hunting, going to the gym and running his cattle ranch.
Lueck and his wife, Ashley, were joined on September 28, 2005 by a “cute little bugger,” named Christian Lueck. The new father says the change in life has been awesome.